Currently working as an R&D Architect for Ideagen Software in Nottingham

Spending time at Ideagen as both a Principal Test Engineer and Test Team Leader has been a great experience. Building others up and helping bring the best out of them has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career so far. Second only to all the new and exciting technology I’ve become familiar with and never having a shortage of things to learn

I fell in love with Software Testing in 2011, since then I have been trying to blur the lines between Test, Dev and DevOps in my career. I attended TestBash Manchester 2017 and left knowing that I wanted to give something back to the community with teaching and public speaking

My experiences have ranged from being the sole tester on major, multimillion pound saving projects, leading UAT teams over twenty strong and creating a Test function within a business from scratch

I’ve got a keen interest in the technical aspects of software creation and testing including Load Testing, Performance Analysis and Security Testing. I’m also a keen evangelist for Testing practices and procedures.